Mis-matched Door Headboard

You’ve seen them.  Door headboards.  They are all the rage on Pinterest.  I’ve been pinning them forever, but didn’t have an old door or a car big enough to go pick one up from Habitat and bring it home.  I was stuck not able to fulfill my dreams of a rustic, chippy, old door for a headboard.

Enter: my in-laws.  They replaced a few doors on their cottage to make it more energy efficient and asked if we would want the old wood doors for anything.  Um.  Yeah!  They even delivered them right to our garage.  Where they sat.  For 3 months.  

Finally, this week when we were driving home from Costco and other errands, the boys both fell asleep in the car.  Not wanting to waste a whole nap when they only fell asleep 20 minutes before we got home, I parked the car and rolled down the windows so they could keep on snoozing.  I glanced around the garage for anything that I might be able to do while they slept, and my eyes landed on these babies.

Doors before

So, I grabbed some paper towel and cleaner and got to working.  

doors 5

They were pretty grimy and dusty and I may have had to send a few spider families packing, but afterward, they looked great!  I took the window covering off the one because, ew.  The other had a door stop that needed to be removed.  Other than that, it was just cleaning!  Easy peasy.  You just can’t be afraid of the random spider that has made a home on your door.

doors after

I don’t know how I did it, call it super-determination, but I carried those solid wood doors up to our room.  The next day, I removed our current, brown failed paint makeover wicker headboard and leaned the new-old beauties up against the wall.  

Rustic door headboard

They are so solid that I’m not worried about them moving at all.  I jiggled them around a bit to make sure they were solid because two certain little boys love jumping on our bed.

Alex jumping

I did have to take the hinges off the door on my side, because it stuck out too much for the door to lean flush against the wall.  I didn’t want to lose the look of the old hinges, so I turned them around and screwed them on backwards.

I added the burlap wreath that I made soooooo so sooooo long ago (2 1/2 years ago) and has been hanging on our curtain rod since.  It is finally coming together and I love how the room is being transformed.

Headboard and Wreath

Maybe you will also have noticed that I relinquished my striped bedside table to John’s side of the bed and I stole Alex’s tall gray dresser and put it on my side of the bed.  We are slowly but surely collecting and moving furniture around to make this room more “us” and I am loving the direction it is going!

John's dresser 1

Thank goodness for Rachael over at This is Our Bliss for teaching me how to style a nightstand.  It may not have each and every component, but I don’t think I did too bad for someone who is terrible at styling!

John's dresser 3

John's dresser 2


The big wedding date sign is from my shop and his ceramic bowl I made in high school (advanced pottery for the win!).  The little printable I made and popped in a frame so you guys can download one, too!  I have a 5 x 7 and 8 x 10 available (they’ll be at the end of this post).

The lamps are from Target (shade and the base was on clearance and is no longer available).  I bought the box that’s on my side from a local store in town and love the natural feel it brings.  

My dresser 1

My little dish was a wedding gift from my sister that she bought on Etsy (similar) and the photo is of St. Patrick’s in Toledo (an anniversary gift from my parents), where John and I got married.  

my dresser 2

my dresser 3


And just a few more because I’m in love!

Rustic Mis matched Door Headboard

Rustic Farmhouse Master Bedroom

What do you guys think??  Do you have a project you’ve been drooling over, but haven’t pulled the trigger on yet?  Do it!  Totally worth it.

Oh!  And in the effort of keeping it real with y’all.  My lovely table styling lasted all of 3 minutes.  #toddlers AmIright?


I hope you have a fantastic weekend!  My parents will be here tonight, so the boys are going to be over-the-moon excited when they wake up tomorrow and YiaYia and Papa are here!

Thanks for dropping by 🙂  You’re the best!





make today awesome(5 x 7)

make today awesome 8×10


  1. Sam! your headboard is beautiful and your nightstands look great!! Great styling! Mine is temporarily in shambles right now, too. seriously… #toddlers 😉 have a fun weekend with your parents!! ~Rachael

    • Thank you so much, Rachael! I learned from the best 😉 Maybe one day our nightstands will stay how we style them! But at that point, I’ll probably be wishing for little hands to grab my things 🙂

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