Another (& Final) Kitchen Light Update!

Y’all.  We replaced out kitchen lights after 5 years of living with a 90s box light and a larger than normal dome light (that wasn’t even centered over our table.  I know).  It wasn’t pretty, but in all honesty, we just learned to ignore them.

We tackled this project over the winter with the help of my ever-so-handy dad!  We added two can lights, one over each, the sink and stove, a track light over the island and a rustic farmhouse style chandelier over the table (which is also new-ish!!).

I’ll let the pictures do most of  the talking here, but we went with the antique bronze fixtures to tie in our oil rubbed bronze cabinet pulls.  I love the look of the clear glass with the Edison bulb.  It just screams farmhouse, don’t you think?  Or maybe it whispers farmhouse because it’s so subtle??  The light over the table is this one and the light over the island is this one.  The light over the island gives off a very bright white light, which, along with the new can lights makes the kitchen so nice to work in when it’s dark!  The light over the table gives off a really nice soft glow.  This tends to be the only light we leave on in the evenings if we aren’t actually in the kitchen.

After removing the box light that was previously above the island, there were multiple holes left where we (my dad) had to move the electrical box that we decided to spend the money on getting fixed professionally.  We have a textured ceiling and really didn’t want to mess it up!  After that was all patched up, John and I were able to install the track light and finish up the space.

I’m actually kind of glad we waited so long to finally replace the lights.  It gave us ample time to really hone in on what we wanted for the space which was a simple, classic and slightly rustic look.

It’s kind of amazing how such a small change can make such a huge impact!

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