Madison Corrine

So, it’s been a while???  I had to take a small tour of my blog dashboard to update and see what all had changed while I was on hiatus! 

Blogging has been the furthest thing on my mind since little Madi joined our family back in July last year.  It has been a whirlwind since then.  I feel like everything is simultaneously flying by and moving like a sloth.  Cliche, right?  Nonetheless, I’ve been trying to be more intentional about how I spend my time.  Between having 3 kids (and 3 kids worth of laundry/dishes/basic tiny human demands), a sign business that seems to be taking off, trying to keep the house semi-decent, and trying to stay connected with my husband, blogging hasn’t found it’s place just yet.  I’m really working on it because I’m starting to feel the tug of writing again, which is why I’m back here!

My brain has been so scattered I couldn’t manage to come up with anything coherent to write, so I figured I would just start with the most important thing that happened in the past 8 months, Madison Corrine.

Madison (the nickname Madi has definitely stuck)  joined our family July 8, 2016 via scheduled c-section.  She was 5 lb 0.4oz and the sweetest little peanut.  It was an easy (as easy as a c-section can go, anyways!) delivery and she was an easy going baby from the get go!  We had some trouble with breast feeding initially in the hospital where she didn’t want to wake up or stay awake to eat.  We had to supplement just a bit with sugar water and formula to raise her glucose levels which was a bit scary.  At one point I realized I hadn’t fed her in about 4 hours and had a minor panic attack.  I wasn’t used to having a laid back baby and was honestly enjoying the peace of her sleeping so well already!  Then I remembered how often a newborn should actually be eating and stepped up my game!

She was less than 5 lbs when we left the hospital, but gained it all back and then some by her 2 day check up.  She was growing so fast in those first few months!  I’m sure because she started so small, she knew she had some catching up to do 😉 

From about day 3 home from the hospital, she was sleeping long stretches at night and I had no idea what to do with that!  Her older brothers had me up feeding them every 2 hours for the first 4-6 months of their lives!  I thought I should probably be waking her up every 3 to feed but the doctors said I didn’t need to worry because she was gaining weight so rapidly.  It was such a gift!  I’m not sure how I ever woke up so often with a newborn. 

Since she came home, she has brought so much joy to our home and family.  The boys are simply in love with her and so are John and I.  She smiles all the time and just loves life!  She is 8 months old now and starting to try crawling and sitting up. She is getting 4 new teeth on top (all at the same time!) and is a little miserable about that. She is loud when she wants to be, opinionated, and beyond sweet.   She lights up the room with her smile, rosy cheeks and brown eyes.  Her red hair is always a topic of conversation and she looks like a mix of both her brothers (depending on what face she’s making 🙂 )

I cannot believe how fast this time is going with her.  I’m soaking up every single moment of her as a baby because she’s the last one we will have.  I was literally taking pictures of her gummy smile solely because I knew she was going to get teeth soon and I would miss that about her.  It’s funny the things you notice when you know it’s the end.  I need to make sure I do that with all of my kids because in one way or another, it’s always the end of something with children.

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