Wood Monogram with Placemat {Boys’ Room Update!}


I’m back with another update on the boys’ room makeover!  If you follow me on Instgram (here!), you saw that Christian and I ventured out to pick up the lumber to build their platform beds!


While John gets that project underway, I’m working on building up pieces for their big wall above their beds!

I scored the cute red star I showed you in my planning post from Hobby Lobby for under $12!  The are obsessed and we read by its light every night before bed. #momwin

I also made these adorable monograms to go above each of their beds!

DIY Wood Monogram Placemat Wall Art

I scored these gray and white woven placemats from TJ Maxx and just knew they would be perfect for something in the boys’ room!  They were $3 each, so I really couldn’t go wrong!  I let them sit for a bit while thinking up some way to use them, then it hit me!  

So, I ran to Target and got these solid wood letters (because I knew I wanted to stain them)!  I brought them home, sanded them down and rounded the edges, making them look less like I bought them at Target 🙂

Monogram 8

I stained them using Rustoleum in the color Kona.  I wiped a layer of stain on each one using an old rag, then wiped off the excess stain with another (clean) rag.  When staining, make sure you go with the grain of the wood as best you can!  It really highlights that beautiful natural grain!

Monogram 4

I only needed one coat to get the color I was hoping for!

Monogram 7

To attach them to the placemat, I didn’t want to do anything too permanent, just in case. #commitmentissues  So, I tied some twine around parts of the letter and threaded it through the placemat to tie it on.  It adds a little something else and if I ever want to change it up down the line, I can!

Monogram 10

I used my smallest crochet hook to thread the twine through the placemat in between the rounds.

Monogram 13

For simple hanging, I just tied another loop of twine around where I tied the letters onto the placemat.

Monogram 1

Monogram 3

They don’t have a permanent home yet; not until the beds are built and positioned just so in the room 🙂  But, for now, I’m loving these cuties and they were just so easy to make!  Nap time project for sure!

Monogram 9

Monogram 6 Monogram 5

Monogram 2

Do you love monograms as much as I do??  I am for sure on a monogram kick lately!  I just added one to Madison’s room (update to come!) and of course the one in the entryway that I just put up!  I can’t get enough!  Monograms are such a fun way to make a space feel like yours (or your kid’s!) and they are inexpensive to customize!

Have a happy Wednesday!


  1. Such fresh and cute ideas Samantha, I love these!

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