Shabby Chic Rag Banner

Another nursery project checked off the list!  I am seriously loving all the pink and flowery goodness that I get to play around with!  Anybody else never think they’d be so girly in their life until they had a daughter??

My original plan for this project idea was to make a mobile for over the crib, but then I decided I wanted a bird cage or gallery wall above the crib, so I went with a banner for the window instead!

Shabby Chic Rag Banner

Remember this window?  It is on its third life now!  Originally part of the guest bedroom, which turned into Christian’s woodland nursery and now into a shabby chic girl nursery for Madison 🙂  I love how versatile it has been!

Tree Window 8

To make the banner, I picked out 6 different fabrics in whites, light pinks and light grays.  I got 1/2 yard of each and had enough left over to make another for my niece 🙂

Rag Banner 1

I laid the fabric out and made a little snip approximately every two finger widths apart.  Then I just ripped the fabric at each snip until I had a massive amount of fabric strips at my super fancy work station 🙂 

Rag Banner 3

Apparently, that’s where I stopped taking pictures.  Whoops!  I tied each fabric strip in a slip knot around a piece of ribbon that I measured to fit the window it would be draped on.  I didn’t follow any pattern of using each different fabric, just whatever I thought should come next!  I didn’t want it to look too uniform.  I filled up the ribbon and then attached it to my window using tacks on the back side of the window.

rag banner 7

rag banner 4

I moved the two hooks and twine so the window would hang horizontally with the banner attached when I put it on the wall.

rag banner

rag banner 6

I think it’s such a sweet little addition to the nursery!  Slowly but surely it’s transforming from a woodland theme to a shabby chic theme and I’m loving it!

My favorite projects can be completed in one evening and this was one of them!  I just put on some Netflix and was done in about an hour!


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