On-the-go Bags for Kids (using Target sheet bags!)

I have this problem of wanting to keep anything that may be useful down the line, even if I’m not quite sure how it could be used, I can’t bear to throw it out!  Like the bags that sheets come in at Target!  I mean, I obviously love the pattern of the fabric (because I picked out sheets in the same pattern) and it’s a sweet little bag!  Who can’t use another bag??

Target Sheet On-the-go Bags for Kids!

I know I can.  Always!  Especially with all the things kids seem to need when you are out and about.

It just so happens that I had two matching bags from the sheets the boys got (these in gray marble) for their new shared big boy room (thanks, Aunt Dianne!!) and they were such great little bags, I knew I had to come up with a way to use them!

I tend to be a tosser of things.  I toss my shoes wherever they land.  My room may or may not be littered with clothes.  I toss whatever I need for an outing into my bag without much thought.  It’s a sickness and I’m pretty sure (okay, I know) it drives John crazy!  But hey, I’m working on it!

Well, the last time I took the boys out shopping, I forgot diapers and changes of clothes (because I pretty much always forget these things because I don’t have a plan!).  To be fair, a quick Walmart run turned into a half a day out shopping.  Before I knew it, Christian wet through his diaper and soaked his shorts.  And I was 40 minutes from home.  With no diaper and no clean pants.  Luckily, I’m super crafty in a diaper emergency and had a sweatshirt to tie around him until we got home.  Emergency diapering for the win!  If you are ever in a pinch, there are so many ways to emergency diaper!  But, that’s a whole different post ๐Ÿ™‚

Emergency Diaper 1

Christian diaper

Anyways.  This sparked the idea that I should probably keep some extra clothes and a diaper in the car for the boys just in case we run into this issue again.  Although, now that I have my act together, I’m sure neither boy will ever need a change of clothes again.  Moms, amiright??

So, I pulled out my sheet bag and some extra clothes for each boy and wouldn’t you know?  They all fit in one twin-size bag!

Target Bags 7

I totally thought I was going to be using one bag for each kiddo!

Target Bags 8

I’ve got shorts and t-shirts for each boy, an extra diaper for Christian (we use BumGenius Freetimes) and undies for Alex!

Since it all fit into one bag, I had to come up with another way to use the other bag ๐Ÿ™‚  

The boys are always digging through my bag for snacks (because they are always starving!!) and tossing everything else out during their search.  It drives me crazy.  Mostly because I have no idea what they will find in there and throw out in the middle of library time. #trainwreck

Everywhere we go, I carry a variety of snacks and two water bottles because my kids without snacks and water is NOT a pretty sight.  My friends can attest to their scavenger-like behavior when I’ve forgotten snacks.  It’s embarrassing.

So, enter the snack bag!

Target Bags 3

I fit both water bottles and three quart bags of snacks inside!

Target Bags 2

P.S. If you don’t have these water bottles (Camelbak Kids Eddy water bottle), you need them in your life.  They are the greatest!  My kids love them and drink so much more water than they used to!

Target Bags 1

So, there you have it!  Don’t throw out those sheet bags you get from Target (and maybe other places too??)!  I feel like there are a million ways you could use them other than these!

How would you use one?

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  1. Thanks for these great ideas. I am going to pass them on to my daughter because she will love them! Thanks again!

  2. Thanks for these great ideas. I am going to pass them on to my daughter because she will love them!

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