Living Room Addition: Coffee Filter Wreath!

Lately, I’ve been wanting to style my home and finish up the little projects that I’ve been meaning to get around to.  I tend to get discouraged and overwhelmed whenever I sit down to look for ideas.  Either things look too complicated or are way too expensive.  Well, I’m kind of tired of waiting to do things around here because they are too expensive!  I want my home to really feel like my home, while being totally functional for my family.  So, I’ll be sharing (every now and then) some crafts and decorating ideas that are super low-cost!  I totally want everybody to feel like they can have a beautiful, true to themselves home.  It’s possible!

If you’ve been reading for a while, you know my favorite projects are free or really low cost!  There is something really satisfying about making your home beautiful without spending a ton of your hard earned money. 

Today, I wanted to start with something I have seen a lot of on Pinterest and the like!  I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel here, but I think these add a ton of life and brightness to a room and wanted to share the process I used to make mine along with a few things I learned so I can make it easier for you!  Even those who think they “can’t craft” (everybody can craft, btw!)  will be able to do this project, I promise! 

Under $5 Coffee Filter Wreaths!

Coffee filter wreaths! They are so fluffy and beautiful and made from just a pack or two of coffee filters, hot glue, cardboard (or a wreath form if you want!) and some string to hang it up!

Coffee Filter Wreath supplies

Total cost for this projects was under $5 (for two) because I only had to buy the coffee filters.  I bought two packs of 100 filters; the 8-12 cup size.

I started off with a big piece of cardboard where I traced two circles with a smaller circle in the middle. I cut them out and these became my “wreath forms” which ended up being about 10.5″ across with a 6″ circle in the middle.  Before I even started adding the coffee filters, I wrapped some twine around each of them for easy hanging.  You could use ribbon or string or even fishing line if you want it to be invisible.  I love twine and my house is pretty rustic/farmhouse-y so that’s why I chose twine ๐Ÿ™‚

wreath 1

Here is my FIRST TIP!  Take apart all of your coffee filters before you start!  Seriously a time saver.  You could even scrunch them into the shape you need for gluing ahead of time(that’s part of my next tip!).


Then, I warmed up my hot glue gun and got to gluing!  I started out wrapping each filter around a pen, dabbing a bit of glue on the cardboard and sticking it on. But, (TIP #2!) I soon found out that it was much easier and quicker to wrap the coffee filters around my finger instead.

Wreath 2

wreath 3

 I continued all the way around the outer edge of the cardboard wreath form to begin with.  I used about 35 coffee filters around the edge since that was sort of the “base” for the rest of the wreath.  It allowed me to then just go in and put them more sporadically around the inside.

wreath 4

I had a total of three rows of coffee filters and ended up using about 75  filters per wreath.

Easy and Cheap Coffee Filter Wreath

I hung one on each of the two windows (that my dad picked up for me; free from the side of the road!) in our living room.

Wreaths 2

 I recently had the revelation that this room really needs brightening up and a little bit of a feminine touch!  Even though there are tons of windows back here, there doesn’t seem to be a ton of natural light because our backyard has a lot of trees, keeping the house shaded.  So, with the artificial light, everything seems a bit yellowy and dark.  Plus, we have navy blue plaid couches (love them, so comfy! but not the most stylish and pretty masculine) so that darkens everything quite a bit.  Every little bit of white/brightness/fluffy flowerness will help this room for sure!

Wreaths on Windows

I truly hope you feel inspired to do one little thing in your home today that will make you smile when you walk in and remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect or cost a bunch of money, as long as you love it!

Thanks so much for stopping by!




  1. OMG so cute. Great Idea Sam

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