Ombre Painted Mason Jars for Craft Room Organization

Happy Friday!  Quick shout out to my husband! Happy 5 year anniversary! Woot!


Photo Cred: The AMAZING Morningwild Photography (formerly Lime Green Photography)

So, since we put in the floors and took everything out of the craft room/office area, I’ve come to like the room being more empty.  You wouldn’t believe how much I had crammed in that room!  I didn’t even know until I had to move it all to the basement.  It was a little out of control.  Now, I have a fresh vision for the room (that I haven’t told John about yet 😉 ).  I want it to be clean and orderly so that I can better access my materials for painting my signs and watercolors.  And since those are really my main crafts at the moment, I am wanting to clear out all the random craft stuff that I used once or “plan” on using (ha!).  

Once I get all of my painting supplies and shop maintenance stuff (i.e. shipping supplies, business cards, thank you cards, etc.) back in, I want it to be visible easy to grab.  Right now, everything is kind of all over the place and I have to move stuff around/ open boxes to get to stuff.  Not my jam.  I just want to be able to easily grab what I need and carry on.

My first plan of action was to move the big Ikea Expedit shelf to the other side of the room.  That way, it isn’t the first thing you see all the time.  I left my desk on the big wall and now it is a blank slate.  Let’s take one more gander at those beautiful new floors, shall we?

office 2



Next thing I want to do is to build a little shelf to hold my printer up and away from tiny hands that also has more shelves underneath to hold my laptop, paper and labels.  I also have a few picture ledges that I built a while back that I want to install over the desk where I will keep all of my paint, stationary, business cards, sanding stuff and brushes.  I already got a head start with something to hold my brushes, pens, pencils and scissors.  These are the things that I use daily, so I want them right in my face!

I made some of those adorable ombre mason jars that you have undoubtably seen floating around on Pinterest!  I’ve been wanting to tackle it, but never took the time until I had my vision for the craft room!  I followed this tutorial almost exactly, but I just used a 220 grit sanding block for all of the distressing instead of the three things she used.  They turned out awesome!

Ombre Painted Mason Jars


They add such a great punch of color!

Painted Jars 2

And are still totally functional!  I can’t wait to get them up on the shelves!

Painted Jars 3

I started out with Apple Barrel paint in turquoise and then added white to create each of the lighter colors.

Painted Jars 1

This one was super easy to do!  I highly recommend it if mason jars are your thing.  The hardest part is having to wait and let them cure over night!  

Can’t wait to show you some more progress in this room soon!  I’m totally pumped about having a functional space for my crafting!

Have a fabulous weekend!



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