A Very Autumn-y Door and Mantle

This is weird for me. I usually don’t decorate for fall because the season is so short. But, it’s only short because I make it short. The day after Halloween is when I typically decorate for Christmas. Don’t judge.

This year, I was feeling really inspired by all the lovely things I was seeing on Pinterest and on my Facebook feed from friends and bloggers alike. I knew I couldn’t skip out on celebrating this wonderful season anymore.

Simple Fall Front Porch and Mantle

I’m currently really loving a good bunting (w/ polka dots, of course) & I knew this was totally something I could tackle myself with some things I had around already. So I grabbed my scraps from Alex’s drop cloth curtains, circle poncers, and craft paint.

To cut the pieces, I folded a piece of leftover drop cloth in half, hot dog way and cut along that line. That gave me two strips of fabric. I folded those long strips in half and half again and again giving me 8 rectangles.

To give them that triangle cut out, I cut up the middle a few inches, then cut from each corner to the top of my cut up the middle.

After I finished cutting all of those (it’s really less complicated than it sounds), I got out my trusty paper plate pallet and circle sponges and got to stamping on some polka dots! I laid them all out to dry on a garbage bag.

Bunting 1 bunting 2

After they dried, I made two slits in the top of each piece to thread my twine through.

I had enough for two buntings, one for my front door and one for my mantle.

Porch 3

I finished off my front porch with my Whooo’s There? sign and we (and by we, I mean Alex) also picked out some pumpkins at our local farm market, Butterfield Farms.

Porch 5


My wreath is one that I made a few years back. I still love it so I haven’t made a new one. So weird for me, but if it ain’t broke, right? I was inspired by this wreath over at Shanty 2 Chic.  Love those girls; they are so talented!

Porch 2

My mantle was another pretty simple update. I painted a little pumpkin sign on some scrap wood and filled my existing glass jars with some navy beans and corn kernels.

Mantle 1

I also added these really great glass pumpkins that I made 3 years ago at a glass blowing class in Pittsburgh with my mother and sisters-in-law.

Mantle 2

I can’t believe I have never decorated for fall before. How silly of me to miss this beautiful season. Not that I don’t still love me some Christmas decor, though. I just might not be pulling it out until after Thanksgiving this year.

Mantle 4


  1. I love this! I have made buntings before, but have yet to make one for fall! I, too, never really did much fall decorating… only a few things this year, but I can see myself really ramping it up next year! I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog tonight…I can’t wait to keep reading! Have a great weekend 🙂 ~ Rachael

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