Six Months Down…

Six Months

Holy Moly!  Can you guys even believe that I am six months pregnant??  I can’t.  Until I’m running to the bathroom every 30 minutes.  Then I’m all like oh yeah, duh!

Well, just wanted to share a little update on what’s going on with me (& us) as we all prepare for Baby R to make his appearance.

First things first, so I can stop calling him “Baby R #2”, his name is going to be Christian Theodore Reineke.  Christian, just because we like it and Theodore, after my grandfather (on my mom’s side).  It has a pretty nice ring to it, don’t ya think?

We couldn’t be more excited about adding another boy to the mix.  I think it will be so great for Alex to have a little brother to play with.  He is so rambunctious and active that it will be wonderful for him to have a wrestling buddy (and for daddy to have another wrestling buddy, too).  All I know, is that my grocery bill is going to triple when this little one starts eating.

I haven’t had any weird or strong cravings with this pregnancy like I did with Alex.  With Alex, I really really needed sour gumballs.  Like, all.the.time.  With this little one, I have been eating a lot of cereal and I did have a craving for Taco Bell a little while back.  My pregnancy heartburn made me regret that one pretty quickly.

Other than that, nothing major to report!  Everything was perfect and normal on my anatomy scan which was such a relief after our semi-complicated pregnancy with Alex.  Our next ultrasound is on January 2 just to make sure we are on track and to check Christian’s position.  Can’t wait to see his sweet little face all fattened up!

Also, I wanted to share my inspiration for his nursery!  I’m so excited about this because John picked out Alex’s theme (first son and all) and of course he picked Ohio State Buckeyes.  I won’t lie, I do love how Alex’s room will eventually turn out.  Which reminds me that I should probably finish his nursery before I start another one.  Mom fail.

Anyways!  The theme I picked out for Christian’s nursery is a woodland theme.  Sort of like a little, cozy log cabin escape in the middle of our house.  I’m pretty pumped.

Inspiration Board

Curtains, sheepskin, wooden dowel wreath, wood slice frames, monogram pillow, stick monogram, moose painting, sweater rings

I want to use a lot of grays, whites, browns, and maybe some pops of a color I have yet to determine.  I want to make sure it’s a room he can grow up in and will still love until his opinion gets so strong that we need to do a makeover.

I’m kind of in love with it already and it’s just an idea.  Can’t wait to show you guys the progress we make!


  1. Can’t wait to be there and help with the nursery!

  2. Love this theme idea! I found your blog while looking for ideas for my son’s room which is Mossy Oak themed.

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