Craft Room Organization – The Before

Craft Room Organization


Morning!  Today I am unveiling my most embarrassing room.  You guys, this room is so in need of some organizing love.  Don’t judge me.  Let me just show you.

Craft Room 1

Craft Room 2

Craft Room 3


There are so many random things in there.  Dog toys, a bike, a nursing pillow, a diaper insert (???), a carpet cleaner and a picnic basket.  I could go on.  It’s one of those rooms where I’m just not sure where to start.  So, I started small.

Here are my craft paints and I hate having them in that basket.  I can’t find anything.

Paints 1


So, I took them all out and was surprised by how many I had of the same color and how many were empty or not useable.

Paints 2


Then, I emptied a desk drawer that had about 2.5 things in it.

Paints 3


And just like that, my paints are all visible and organized!

Paints 4


So much better and it even gave me a little confidence to tackle the rest of the room.  Yikes.  Sometimes I just need a small victory.



  1. Don’t tease! What about the rest of the room?

  2. The craft paint drawer looks lovely. Let’s see more!

  3. I like how you organized the paint in a drawer! That is so handy.

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