Fun Playroom Signs

So, lately I’ve been trying to tackle little projects around the house.  I like the feeling of accomplishment I get when I spend little to no money on a project.  Something about it is so exhilarating!

One of my most recent tasks was to get some art going on in Alex’s playroom.  It’s basically a blank slate in there, with one piece of furniture and a mountain of toys, so it definitely needs some love.  I knew I wanted to put up the chalkboard I used in his monthly pictures, so I did that and also painted a little frame and threw some of his burp cloth fabric in there.  Super easy.

Playroom decor

I have been thinking for a while that I’d like some fun signage in there, with words that describe a child’s state of mind.  Eventually, I settled on the words learn, create, explore and play.  In the nicest way possible, those words describe why our house in a disaster every evening.

Playroom Signs

My color scheme for the room will hopefully end up like this with some bright blue in there also.  And who knows, I might go crazy and just have every color in there.  Watch out.  I just really want it to be fun and bright and non-gender specific, so this is my jumping off point.

playroom colors

I knew I wanted the signs to be a little rustic, so I decided on twine wrapped letters glued to wood boards.  I wasn’t thrilled about the thought of having to buy craft store letters at $2 a pop, so luckily I remembered a technique I used to make a wreath last Christmas.  Cardboard letters, whoop!  I already had a ton of cardboard down in the basement, so all I had to do was pick a font, print the words out and then cut away.  Note: I used the font Smiley Monster found over here.


After tracing the letters onto the cardboard, I cut them out and then my hand fell off.  Kidding, but it sure felt like it wanted to.

cardboard letters

The next step was easy-peasy.  Glue, wrap, repeat for each letter.


For my boards, I hit up our Habitat ReStore to see what I could find.  I liked the idea of the wood siding I used to make my groceries sign for the kitchen, so I was hoping there was still some of that left.

Score!  The sign said it would be $0.50/foot but when I got to the counter she rang it all up for $1.50.  Can’t beat that.  $1.50 for two five foot boards.

After bringing them home, I chopped them in half with my miter saw and gave them a good sanding.  I wanted to make sure the edges were rounded and there was a shine that I needed to get rid of before I painted them.


I used regular craft paint mixed with water so I could have more of a color wash look rather than a solid block of color.  I wanted the grain of the wood to still show through.

Yellow board


Painted boards

Then, after letting the boards dry thoroughly, I hot glued each of the letters on, making sure the words were centered.

Finished signs

Here they are up on the wall.  I love how they turned out!  They add so much color to the room!  Hopefully Alex appreciates them too.  He never comments on my decorating anymore.

Final 1

Final 2


  1. As always, your “inner eye” never fails to amaze me. Very cute. Love the colors.

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